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TSE FRAME Mark 3+ for Canon TS-E 50mm

TSE FRAME Mark 3+ for Canon TS-E 50mm

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Compatible with Canon TS-E 50mm f2.8/L

TSE FRAME is an innovative product that combines outstanding industrial design and a superb manufacturing process. The frame is made from strong yet lightweight anodic oxidized aluminum that is CNC machined to precision, with gorgeous finishing to create a superior-quality product.

  • Instant and centered portrait to landscape switch and instant vertical shift and lateral shift switch
  • 8 types of seamlessly stitching methods, including 4 diagonal shifting methods that increase both the viewing angle and the image resolution
  • Handy U-shaped platform that allows for the use of items such as a grey card or mobile phone to block a light source from above, thereby reducing lens flares
  • Contains 1/4” and 3/8” threaded screw hole and Arca-Swiss compatible mounting options, supporting all kinds of tripod heads
  • Resistance hinges and large-sized knobs ensure that lenses can be quickly mounted or dismounted
  • Built-in spirit levels at all usable orientations
  • Designed in a pistol style that provides guidance with composition/framing
  • Dedicated Nodal Slide (optional) to achieve a wider viewing angle with seamless stitching for a much larger panorama
  • Strong structural design; small, lightweight; can be stored in a bag and carrying case without removing the lens/camera
  • A touch of soft silicone material reduces wear and tear on the lens barrel over prolonged use
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